The device made by the automation leading company is also provided with "smart" functions to control consumption and for remote management

Modern design with simple and essential lines and advanced technology able to learn from the habits of users. These are some of the features of TH/700, the first chronothermostat that CAME, a leader company in the automation sector, based in Treviso, is launching on the market under its own brand, backed by the forty-year experience of the subsidiary CAME BPT.

Thanks to the Wi-Fi connection, TH/700 can be managed from a smartphone or tablet through the THermo app, for iOS and Android systems, with different "smart" functions. With the "scenario selection" it is possible to set the house cooling or heating selecting programs that respond to different lifestyles and habits. Through the 'geolocation' the system is able to detect the users’ actual position, so that the preselected options are automatically activated when they go away or come back to their home. The THermo app also provides a ‘consumption report’ in which the graphic maps of temperatures and values measured in a pre-set time frame are highlighted. Thanks to this function it is possible to identify waste, optimize consumption and use the system in a more conscious way.

The App also registers the most recent variations of manually adjusted temperature and provides a personal profile of the optimal settings, developing an ideal temperature program that can then be imported into the chronothermostat. The App also allows "multi-system management", i.e. simultaneous management through a single profile of several devices installed inside the same house or even in different homes.

The chronothermostat made by CAME provides information on the ratio between temperature and humidity inside the house, to always guarantee maximum comfort and receive weather updates directly on the main screen of the device. With the 'Boost' function it is possible to immediately reach the desired comfort level: pressing the central button for 2 seconds, regardless of the temperature and the pre-set program, the heating will be activated for a period (30 - 60 - 90 or 120 minutes) that can be selected by the user. At the end of the process, the device will automatically return to the previously set mode and temperature. Furthermore, selecting the 'vacation mode', the user can set a constant temperature to be maintained for the entire period in which the house will remain empty.

TH/700 is provided with a special ‘proximity sensor’, which turns the display on only when it is really necessary, avoiding waste and guaranteeing effective energy savings. The CAME chronothermostat also has a "smart backlight" function that lets you know if the system is on or off even from a distance, thanks to the LED backlight in different colours. ‘red’ (active heating), ‘blue’ (active cooling), white (courtesy light) and light off (system on standby).

CAME, in addition to the recess-mounting model with Wi-Fi connectivity, offers a TH/700 version that uses Bluetooth to manage the device from a smartphone or tablet. This model does not use mains power supply, but works with 3 simple 1.5V batteries.



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