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Global Solutions


Choose a reliable partner for your special projects. The Came Global Solutions division was set up to offer a complete, reliable and durable answer to all automation needs when planning large public spaces. Came Global Solutions puts 40 years of automation experience at your service.

Since 1972, Came has been producing a wide range of operators for doors and gates, road barriers, industrial closing systems, automatic doors and access control systems, combining know-how and technological research with reliability and professionalism.

By constantly innovating and acquiring new brands and specialist know-how, Came today can rely on world-class consolidated expertise to provide global control of the home (automation - burglar alarms - home automation) in the field of systems for large public facilities and the management of urban and public areas, offering integrated solutions to meet all people-flow and access control regulatory and monitoring needs. A network of exclusive branch offices, distributors and plant engineering firms spread across every continent ensure Came's capillary presence on the global scene. Came, 40 years of worldwide automation. From the home to the town square: your global partner.