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Social Responsibility

Safety and systems up to code

Came products bear the exclusive EN Tested system marking, which certifies that the solution has been produced and tested according to the rigorous criteria of the European Standards as regards impact force.

Came EN Tested technology has become synonymous with safety and has revolutionised the automation market, anticipating the Italian Decree Law of 2008 on the safety of installations and making products available that are able to react to accidental contact, without jeopardising user safety.


Benefits for customers and installers

Came EN Tested offers its customers peace of mind of automation products that are even more reliable, durable and certified according to law, installed by expert technicians who will provide turn-key services starting from preliminary estimates and right up to after sales services: whether installing a new system or bringing safety up to code on an existing system.


We simplify the work of Professionals:

  • providing ongoing training and refresher courses on Came EN Tested safety,

  • thanks to newly introduced wiring and control panels, making  installation and maintenance easier

  • providing legal certainty of installing operators tested through the EN Tested system and therefore fully complying with the Regulations.

  • result? Maximum and more easily certifiable safety.



Came is certified 100% Original Italian Quality Institute from the Institute for Protection of Italian Products (ITPI)

This accreditation was awarded to Came for combining Italian skill and creativity with a corporate policy that focuses on Italian design, national assembly and corporate business with reputable and proven Italian suppliers that have that have grown in symbiosis with the Came brand during its 40 years of activity.

The mark of originality 100% Made in Italy testifies to a quality production process that generates technologically reliable, and efficient performance, wear and tear tested for a number of operations that simulate 10/15 years of intense activity, resistance tested to extreme temperatures and specific operation tests of the control units under electromagnetic interference (induced and conducted noise).