See your house in a new light with the came DADOO flashing LED | CAME
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See your house in a new light with the came DADOO flashing LED

Treviso, 3 August 2012 - Came gives a new look to home accessories with Dadoo, the original collection of accessories for the home that combines elegance, technological innovation and energy saving. Featuring an illuminated, intelligent heart, Dadoo accessories take advantage of low consumption LED technology to bring a unique atmosphere and personality to living spaces.

Inaugurating the new collection of Dadoo accessories is the innovative flashing light with LED technology, with an original, minimalist shape that reinvents traditional flashing lights with a stylish, modern slant. The understated style, the new shapes and its lightweight, practical nature enables the Dadoo flashing light to adapt to contemporary architectural contexts and the most wide-ranging designs.

As standard, with anthracite plastic supports and an amber light, the Came Dadoo flashing light has been designed with different material finishes and various shades of light that allow you to personalise the areas in your home to the full, choosing the colours and tones that suit it best.

The new Came flashing light uses LED technology, synonymous with energy efficiency, combining long life and low consumption. LED lighting can, in fact, lead to lower consumption (6 W) than the traditional incandescent bulb, which translates into cost savings in terms of energy bills and offer an essentially unlimited product life within the home.
Dadoo is also the only universal LED flashing light that works with different supply voltages (230 V - 120 V - 24 V).

Like all Came operators, Dadoo models come from a completely Italian design and are 100% Made in Italy, the result of a quality production process, designed to generate technologically reliable and efficient products, subjected to wear tests, tests for resistance to extreme temperatures and specific operating checks simulating electromagnetic interference, to offer users safety and peace of mind.