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Expo 2015

Came opens doors at Expo Milano 2015

Milan, 16 January 2014 – Mr Giuseppe Sala, The Sole Government-delegated Commissioner for Expo Milano 2015, and Mr Paolo Menuzzo, President of Came Group, met today and presented the cutting-edge access-control system for the Universal Expo. Engineered to manage the entry of the over 20 million visitors that are expected from all over the globe.  It is forecast that each day, around 140 thousand people will walk past the gates at the expo grounds for the six-month duration of the expo. It's as if an entire city the size of Monza or Brescia were to occupy, daily, a site covering the size of 150 football pitches to visit the pavilions.

Came, the world leading home & building automation company, as technological partner to the Expo Milano 2015, has designed a state-of-the-art access-control system that will provide surveillance, command and control of the automated devices fitted at pedestrian and vehicular entry points. They will also service all parking facilities and pavilion entrances as well as other access points on the expo grounds for both service staff and visitors alike. The access-control system will also have to handle peaks of up to 250 thousand daily visitors; such is the forecast number of people expected during the first two hours of the grand opening of this Universal Exposition. 

Came's system fits into the greater scheme of Expo Milano 2015's Digital Smart City project. The system is designed with the near-future needs of greater-Milano in mind. The event will leave the city with a cutting-edge, hi-tech, reference model that will benefit the city's existing structures and infrastructures. This is a totally new system that talks to all of the most efficient control, security, surveillance and connectivity systems available on the market today.

There will be 250 automated turnstiles controlling the entry points around the perimeter of the expo grounds, and 40 of these are specifically designed for the physically challenged.  Came will also supply sliding gate and street barrier operators as well as 80 bollards to help protect and select vehicular entries around the expo ground's perimeter. This entire integrated access-control system may also be monitored using 100 hand-held devices.

At the core of this hi-tech platform developed by Came is a new turnstile – specially designed for Expo Milano 2015. This new turnstile can read any entry accreditation, whether it is in paper form, QR Code, RFID or NFC, in order to grant access to visitors and exhibitors alike, even through their mobile phones,   Smartphones and tablets. Engineered to seamlessly integrate with the technologies of Expo Milano 2015's partners, each turnstile is, also fitted with biometric reading software to allow entry exclusively to cleared and authorized staff. This product is designed to communicate with visitors, even by using luminous signs, to streamline the entry phases and reduce long waiting lines.

Came is also developing specific hi-tech solutions for the pavilions of the attending countries, to improve the access experience of visitors, depending on the different needs and space requirements.

“The control and security system that Came is developing for this Universal Exposition - explained Giuseppe Sala, Sole Government-Appointed Commissioner to the Expo Milano 2015 – is testimony to the profound expertise that this company has when it comes to managing complex and sophisticated environments, such as those at very large events. These specific hi-tech solutions that are being developed are the answer the needs of the organizational body which needs to provide efficient solutions to the entire set up. It will all be crucial to success of Expo Milano 2015. Efficiency and fluidity at the entry points will be our best business card”.

“We are thrilled to put our international experience into managing complex urban systems to service Expo Milano 2015 – stated Paolo Menuzzo, President of Came Group –  to engineer the access control system of the expo site. We are going into this as “civil servants” because our capacity to talk and collaborate with the other partners to the Universal Exposition has enabled us to develop a cutting-edge, hi-tech model that can anticipate and respond to the future structural and infrastructural needs of the entire metropolitan area”.