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Expo 2015

Came is official sponsor of Expo Milano 2015

Milan 20 December 2012 - A new company has joined the Expo Milano 2015 team. The Came Group, leader in the field of automation, security and control of residential and collective environments and large public facilities, will be the event’s technological partner: it will provide access automation, management and control services at the Digital Smart City at Milan’s Universal Exposition.

Thanks to this partnership - for a total value of €4.7 million split between cash and the provision of infrastructure - for the first time in Italy, with Expo Milano 2015, the Came Group will develop an innovative access control model for monitoring, commanding, regulating and controlling the automation devices at pedestrian and vehicle entrances, exhibition site car parks, stands and other infrastructure and manage operator and visitor access.

The system, designed by Came alongside its partner Best Union, will make use of the most innovative technological solutions available in 2015 for managing access by 24 million people - with an average of 140 thousand visitors per day and peaks of 250 thousand - connecting to the Expo Milano 2015 ticketing service and centralised control system. The perimeter access points will be controlled by 200 automatic turnstiles and the supply will be completed with the integration of operators for sliding gates, road barriers and bollards for protection and access selection at perimeter vehicle entrances.

The hardware and software systems will make it possible to manage access to the individual stands and various areas, making use of different technologies, from RFID to QR codes, integrating with support services in an augmented reality, the leitmotif of Expo Milano 2015.

“We are proud to be an Expo 2015 technology partner. - declared Paolo Menuzzo, President of the Came Group - The access control model we will produce for the event is a demonstration of how Came interprets its future evolution, with innovative products that are the result of intensive research and development, also thanks to interaction and partnerships with top-level events such as Expo 2015 and partners such as Best Union. As an Italian, I am also proud to work alongside excellent Italian partners to develop a project of this calibre, capable of sending a positive signal at a time such as the one we are experiencing.”

“Thanks to this new partnership – explained Giuseppe Sala, CEO of Expo 2015 S.p.A. - one of the greatest commitments of Expo Milano 2015 is taking shape: ensuring all-round security within the exhibition site, starting with the more than 140 thousand people who will visit the Universal Exposition every day. Once again, the goal can be achieved through non-invasive but highly qualified and innovative use of the most advanced technology in 2015. Together with Came, Expo Milano 2015 confirms its vocation as a laboratory/showcase for levels of excellence which our country is committed to developing and supplying around the world, also in this field.”