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Expo 2015

Came opens doors at Expo Milano 2015

Milan, 16 January 2014 – Presenting the new access-control system that will control the passage of over 20 million visitors at the World Exposition.

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International Participants Meeting: Came technology provider for the participant Countries of Expo Milano 2015

Turin, 3 October 2013 – Came will supply the technologies for automation and access control, queue monitoring and person counter system to the participant countries of the Universal Expo.

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Came is official sponsor of Expo Milano 2015

Milan 20 December 2012 - The Came Group, leader in the field of automation, security and control of residential and collective environments and large public facilities, will be the event’s technological partner: it will provide access automation,...

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Automation and visitor access control management

In occasion of the partnership with Expo 2015, Came has designed an innovative modular system of access control for managing the automation devices of pedestrian and vehicle entrances.

In particular, Came manage the access of visitors and staff to the exhibition spaces and other facilities of the Expo through the latest technology solutions that will enable you to control access to 20 million expected visitors with a daily average of more than 100 thousand visitors, all connected with the ticketing system of the Expo.

The access points will be monitored by 250 automatic turnstiles, automations for gates, road barriers and automatic bollards designed for protection of the side streets.

The Came software and hardware systems allow control of all access points to the exhibition spaces, using different technologies, ranging RFID identification to QR Code, which constitute one of the hallmarks of Expo Milano 2015.



Ticketing systems

As regards ticketing for the Expo 2015, Came has designed a unique and innovative entrance ticket reader with printable format, QR Code and RFID, which is connected to advanced management software, which allows near instant access even from handhelds.



Pavilion solutions

Came has designed a series of integrated automation solutions for the management and centralised control of visitor access points to the pavilions and service and events areas. The systems developed allow constant monitoring of attendees and internal mobility, management of visitor flow to stands, organisation of visits based on specific input parameters and management and monitoring of the all permanent and temporary events.



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