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Intruder alarm system

Intruder alarm system

Dynamic, modular and customisable according to your needs and your lifestyle: Came intruder alarm systems, always ready to watch over every corner of your home. A diversified range: as well as burglar alarms, sirens and touchscreens, it includes the most sophisticated detection technologies.

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Security is automatic

One touch to create the security you want and the intruder alarm system operates according to the required configuration: total, perimeter only or zone-based. Thanks to the scenario concept, you can condense all your needs into a single command, which can be given from the touch screen.



Before deciding, you need to know that...

The intruder alarm system can be very simple and basic, but also more complex and structured.
motion or perimeter?
Local control or remote control as well?
Traditional keypad or modern LCD touchscreen display and integration of the home automation system?
These are the first things to consider, questions to ask yourself to navigate with ease through the wide range of intruder alarm systems and detection devices, sirens and dedicated accessories that we offer.




Many solutions

Advanced performance, but also immediacy of use and interactivity, for a system capable of ensuring fast, reliable security in your home and its rooms.

All Came intruder alarm devices are able to meet your every need, both for you, with more confidence in modern technology, and for users who prefer the ease of use and management.
Extremely versatile and customisable, they are perfect for both new builds and renovations where there are no appropriate configurations.

Choose the solution that's right for you: motion or perimeter, with local control but also remote... you can protect your home immediately, enhancing the environment you live in, without complicated structural changes.

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No worries

At a distance and wherever you are you, can choose to connect easily and intuitively to your home, simply by using the internet and GSM connections on your smartphone, tablet, PDA or PC.

If, in addition to the intruder alarm system, you also have the Came he¡ home automation system, you can even use the he¡Touch series touchscreen when you're on the move. So you can carry out a complete check-up on your home, monitoring the intruder alarm system and using the virtual keypad to manage your security system.

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