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FAQs: home automation

What does "Home Automation" mean?

The term Home Automation indicates the integration of all home automation and applications into a single home automation control system.

The Came home automation system allows you to integrate the automation of gates, rolling shutters and garage doors with the alarm, intercom, load control, temperature control systems and much more.

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Compared to a traditional system, how much does a BUS electrical system for a new house cost?

The Bus system is applied both in restructuring and in newly built homes. The costs of a Bus installation, in the latter case, are minor compared to restructuring a plant. Compared to a traditional system, the cost of a bus system is higher and varies depending on the additions that are to be connected, but in the long run offers advantages for two reasons:

  1. the bus system increases the value of your home, also in relation to legislation on the classification of electrical installations;

  2. the ability to manage power consumption by optimising their use can save you money on your bills.

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What does the term "proprietary protocol" mean?

A home automation system with proprietary protocol, such as Came, interfaces easily with any type of automation, including those of third-party, without requiring the intervention of a system integrator. Unlike systems with open protocol, it is not necessary to pay royalties and certifications. Furthermore, the HE! Came system integrates with various communication protocols: it communicates with the outside world using standard TCP / IP, it interfaces with devices using KNX protocol, with the DMX and Dali protocols used in lighting and, with the protocols of the companies Tutondo and Vivaldi operating in the the sound systems field.

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What is a Bus system and what advantages does it offer?

The electrical system Bus is a mode of digital information transfer at high speed, as well as of electric current.



A bus system is able to support home automation functions of a house. Its main characteristic is that unlike a normal electrical system in which each cable performs a precise function, the Bus line can streamline manage several devices. Also, the configuration of the devices to be managed can be changed without any problem, by acting directly on the control module.

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