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FAQs: garage doors

Can all types of garage doors be automated?

Yes, you can automate new or existing overhead or sectional doors.

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Must I install a flashing light even if my garage does not face the road directly?

Came always recommends the installation of a flashing light with the installation of a garage door operator, as it signals the state of movement of the operator further reducing the risk of contact with an obstacle.

What are the possible ways to automate my garage door?

Your garage door can be automated in two ways depending on whether your door is of the sectional or overhead type. In the case of sectional doors the operator must be applied to the ceiling, while with an overhead garage door the operator can be ceiling or door mounted.

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Which safety devices must I install?

Came offers a wide range of security products such as the photocells, sensitive edges and signal lights.

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I do not have space for installation of a ceiling mounted operator, what can I do?

Came recommends EMEGA that is installed directly on the garage door solving your space related problems.

Is a overhead door or sectional door better?

It depends on your needs and on the size of the garage. Came lets you automate both, combining the aesthetics of your garage door with great operating convenience.   Discover the full range, click here.

I have an overhead door that retracts entirely, can I install a Came operator?

Certainly, the range of products to automate your garage door meets your needs whether you have a partially or fully retracting overhead door.

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Is it mandatory to give a copy of the Declaration of Conformity of the automated garage door to the owner?

Yes! The declaration must be kept in the technical folder and a copy shall be delivered to the owner.

Can I use the gate transmitter to open the garage door?

Certainly. You must configure the transmitter and in a few easy steps you're done.

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How can I open my garage door in the event of a power outage?

All Came products for the automation of garage doors come with a release system to open and close your garage manually in case of power outage. The 24V versions also feature a handy card for connection to the back-up batteries that allows for optimal operation in all situations.

Who is responsible for failure of the automation?

The contract that governs the relationship between the installer and the customer provides for, in favour of the latter, an action for discrepancies and faults of the work which shall expire two years from the date of delivery thereof (Article  1667 Civil Code). With regard to liability for defective products, the manufacturer is responsible for a period of 10 years from the date of installation of the garage door operators.

Does Came also sell the door or only the operator?

Came manufactures and sells the world's widest range of automation systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications, including operators for garage doors but does not actually sell overhead or sectional doors.

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What are the benefits of having an automated garage door?

What's more uncomfortable than having to get out of the car and having to lift your garage door, especially when it rains? This is why Came offers you a wide range of operators for your needs in order to improve the quality of your life...with only a single finger.

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What precautions should I take if I have children in the house?

Came products are subject to stringent safety tests before being marketed. EN Tested technology ensures that when the door comes into contact with an obstacle, however minimal, the operator automatically blocks movement, reversing the direction. Want more peace of mind? Came always recommend the installation of photocells and flashing lights.

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Why do I have to certify the garage door operator?

It is required by law to certify the automation of a garage door.

Is maintenance always mandatory?

Maintenance of garage door operators must be performed in accordance with the maintenance plan. Maintenance is the responsibility of the owner who becomes responsible for accidents or damage to poor maintenance or lack thereof. Came recommends that you be prepare and implement a maintenance plan, as specified in the maintenance manual.

Who do I contact for any problems?

For malfunctions please contact one of our service centres or our authorised installers. Any tampering carried out by unauthorised personnel may void your warranty.