Rbm84 | CAME


Ideal for Pedestrian or vehicle entrance management with or without toll payment

  • global access control

  • integrable with different control systems

  • software is intuitive and easy for managing custom functions associated with each user

  • user management via transponder cards, magnetic stripe cards, code keypads, transmitters

  • real-time processing of clearances and authorisations associated with the user

  • can operate via modem

  • control access of up to 5,500 users

  • dedicated software that runs on windows and requires no special hardware


The features:

  • prepaid number of entries with a pre-loaded number of entries that gradually decreases

  • prepaid time with a pre-loaded number of entries that gradually decreases.

  • selectable time zones

  • block cards from PC

  • card adding via PC

  • parking function

  • print events

  • antipassback at entry/exit

  • timed antipassback

  • passage log

  • instant event display

  • automation direct control

  • user management via separate groups

  • opening and closing of facilities in preset dates

  • automatic opening of the installation in pre-set times

  • total system lock-up from PC

  • access password to the software

  • synchronization of system status