Operator for winding shutters

Ideal for automating all types of winding shutter, with maximum performance and no need to change the fixture. Lifting force up to 200 kg with the possibility of applying a second motor to increase its effectiveness.


Total versatility

All gearmotors in the H series are suitable for Ø48 mm and Ø60 mm poles, in addition to Ø200 or Ø220 mm springs. It is sufficient to use the accessories supplied as standard to complete installation.


Complies with applicable safety regulations

The control panel makes it possible to create installations in accordance with current technical standards and comes complete with radio decoding for remote control.


The 230V electronics

  • self-learning between transmitter and receiver to facilitate radio control activation

  • “no self-hold” command that requires continuous pressure on the button for the whole shutter manoeuvre

  • cord-pull release for the non-reversible version

  • electric lock for the reversible version