Break-through anti-panic system

Essential if the opening is also used as an emergency exit. Suitable for Sipario and Rodeo sliding doors.



  • slide rail to enable door rotation and opening in an emergency

  • special profiles that exclude opening from the outside

  • can be applied on both mobile and fixed leaves

  • can be used with S40 series profiles



For leaves wider than 1100 mm and up to 1500 mm, it is MANDATORY to install the wheel.

The maximum weight of the mobile leaf, in this case, is indicated in the operating limits table. On leaves narrower than 1100 mm, installing the wheel makes it possible to use the operator at its maximum performance levels. Correct wheel operation is guaranteed on ground where there is no unevenness.


Application (mm)

1 mobile leaf



2 mobile leaves



1 mobile leaf + 1 fixed leaf



2 mobile leaves + 2 fixed leaves