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Flashing lights

Much more than a simple flashing light

An automation system cannot be considered complete without a dedicated flashing light to indicate the presence of moving mechanical components. The Came selection once again seeks to meet all requirements in terms of reliability and safety, in compliance with European standards.



Carefully designed flashing light made with quality materials.  2 models( 230 VAC - 120 VAC and 24 VAC DC), both with LED lighting technology which makes them particularly efficient. Can be installed on the wall thanks to the practical support (optional).



Dadoo is a flashing light with a special, innovative design with LED lighting technology for long life and low power consumption. Works with different supply voltages:  230 VAC - 120 VAC - 24 VAC DC.  Two shades of light according to your preferences: amber or blue.

Lower power consumption (6W) than traditional incandescent light bulbs.


Standard accessories

All models are designed for mounting on the left or right of the different types of antenna, according to the frequency (433.92 and 868.35 MHz) and come complete with wall-mounting support.