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Control accessories

Control accessories

Optimises security levels and completes the automation system. All alternatives have been designed and built in compliance with European standards to meet the needs of the market and to simplify your choice.

Easy installation, external or built-in, or on the practical anodised aluminium columns, also with unbreakable support.



Key selectors

The selectors in the SET series are all made from die cast aluminium, and can be installed externally or built-in; resistant to the elements, they can withstand break-in attempts or acts of vandalism. Available with a classic key, magnetic key or transponder.



Transponder sensor

The SET series also features a “stand along” transponder sensor that limits access to card, keychain transponder and TAG holders only, for up to 250 users.



Digital selectors

The selectors in the DIGITAL series are devices for local operator control using a customised numerical code. Made of stainless steel and aluminium, they are all equipped with an electronic security system that improves security and reliability. Also available with outdoor 433.92 MHz radio technology with 4 memorisable codes and passwords for access to programming.


The magnetic sensor

This is a 24 V AC/DC single-channel vehicle detector that uses an electromagnetic coil and can be implemented on all Came control boards. Especially suitable for applications in environments that require access control and adjustment of transit.

The operating principle consists of measuring the change in inductance of the magnetic coil. A vehicle that passes over the coil causes a decrease in the relative inductance measured by the sensor. This detection causes the activation of a relay, connected to the external devices.