Strauss | CAME


Weather station

Control and sun-wind sensor. Wired and wireless version.


Main characteristics

  • 230V/50 Hz

  • wired transmission

  • transmission via 433.92 MHz radio (Strauss KLT)

  • sun/wind sensors included


Specific features

  • weather device for the automatic management of sun awnings in relation to weather conditions

  • adjustable intervention threshold for sun and wind sensors

  • LEDs indicating the type of alarm triggered

  • swivel adjustment bracket


Typical use

  • sun awnings

  • sun protection screens



Wired version:

Tubular motors with mechanical limit switch equipped with
CHOPIN or CHOPIN KLT weather station.


Wireless version (Strauss KLT):

  • tubes with electronic limit switch via radio

  • tubes with mechanical limit switch and built-in radio receiver

  • compatible with all receivers, including CHOPIN KLT