By-3500T | CAME


Power and reliability

The model that best highlights the characteristics of power and reliability; ideal for automating sliding gates up to 3500 kg and up to 23 m in length.


All the advantages of three-phase

  • greater thrust during manoeuvres: the 230-400 V three-phase electronics allows you to take advantage of a greater dynamic thrust in the initial phase of the manoeuvre, overcoming any critical issues concerning the weight of the fixture

  • frequent transit: the three-phase gearmotor guarantees operation even in the harshest conditions of use such as industrial applications

  • inertia control: in large industrial fixtures, the weight of the gate is often a problem to be solved to ensure the system is safe and operates correctly



For installers: operator complete with control board, built-in radio decoding and mechanical end runs.

For users: self diagnosis of all safety devices, before starting gate opening and closing.


The 230 V electronics

  • programming of the command for partial opening of the leaf ideal for all entrances with no pedestrian gate

  • safety even with the gate closed. All commands are cancelled if an obstacle is detected by the safety devices

  • the gate is halted directly by the radio transmitter, ensuring movement control that is always to hand