Ati | CAME


Ideal for medium and large gates

Robust, compact and reliable, this is the operator for medium and large swing gates with leaves that are 2 to 5 m wide.


Safety under control

The amperometric device detects the presence of any obstacles along the leaf route (24 V version) and stops or, where necessary, reverses movement.



For installers: easy connection with only one cable with three wires (24 V version); EN Tested technology for easy system certification in accordance with European standards.

For users: ability to automate your gate in complete safety thanks to the sophisticated electronics; board connecting to the emergency battery in the event of a power failure (optional).


Practical and robust

  • external structure made entirely of aluminium, guaranteeing strength and protection from the elements

  • worm screw always protected by the dedicated cover

  • motor release protected by a hatch for easy manual opening