Touch screen | CAME

Touch screen


  • 5.5 " blue monochrome touch screen terminal

  • 320 x 240 pixel resolution

  • can be connected to CP series control units through a special interface card

  • up to 8 terminals associated with specific connection

  • comes with programming software

  • virtual keypad to control CP series control units and launch scenarios appropriately set

  • optional flush-mounting box

  • connection software for home automation system


Graphical maps

The terminal allows visual management of the system. It can be programmed so that the main page shows the general layout of the house. Selecting one of the environments will call up, in the form of icons, the detectors installed.
In case of alarm, the detector that reported the alarm will be highlighted.



  • standard, or with a projection from the wall about 20 mm and a special flush-mounting box

  • low-profile, with is a projection from the wall of about 5 mm and a special flush-mounting box



Available in three versions: silver, black and white .

On request, all frames are customizable with a RAL ® colour, among those selected, in order to better integrate your home automation system into any living environment and décor.