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Transponder reader

Suitable for transponder key reading.


Transponder key

High security transponder key.



  • can be installed on a hole cap of any residential series

  • during programming, the user can set scenarios, i.e. a set of actions to be carried out on areas and outputs, and match them to the various readers. •The reader allows you to launch up to three scenarios and to completely turn off the system. The reader has 4 LEDs: 3 refer to the scenarios, the fourth indicates the system status

  • the key is programmed with a factory code, unique to 1,000,000 combinations, always transferred to the control unit memory during programming

  • the desired scenario can be launched from the three managed by the reader simply by moving the key towards the reader

The Scenario function is an innovative concept that greatly facilitates user operations as they can manage the system by simply selecting the desired scenario (e.g. "Night" scenario: engage living room area, perimeter area and outdoor area).