Radio keypads | CAME

Radio keypads


  • DualBand supervised radio receiver¬†

  • capacitive touch keys

  • graphic display with system status icons

  • transponder key reader

  • fully backlit

  • sensor that activates the keypad only when the operator is present in front of the keypad itself

  • radio range of about 100 m in open air and in the total absence of band noise

  • can be used with radio or wired control panels, equipped with a receiver



  • control unit programming. Programming parameters can be provided to the control unit during installation (as opposed to using the programming software SWLINK)

  • control operations. Allows you to arm and disarm the system according to set areas

  • scenarios. Features scenario programming, i.e. a set of actions to be carried out on areas and outputs, and associate them to the various keypads installed in the system. The scenarios can then be launched on the associated keypads. The Scenario function is an innovative concept that greatly facilitates user operations as they can manage the system by simply selecting the desired scenario (e.g. "Night" scenario: engage living room area, perimeter area and outdoor area)