System supervision | CAME

System supervision


  • 6.4 ", 8.4", 10.4 "and 12.1" colour touch screen

  • terminal inter-connection through hub or switch over LAN

  • up to 8 inter-connectable touch screens

  • remote control by iPhone and iPad (through the application heiMobile, available from Apple store) or PC equipped with the software 001DSWPC


Managed features:

  • temperature control

  • lighting

  • sound system control

  • control of electrical loads

  • remote connection

  • intruder alarm


Navigate by picture

  • oads pictures of the house areas

  • sensitive icons that identify the devices installed in each environment (lights, sound control, motor control shutters, etc..)

  • displays environments connected via cameras


Scenario Management

  • programming of scenarios for simultaneous management of multiple devices (e.g. "Night Scenario": close all the blinds, turn off all the lights, engage the anti-theft system, set the temperature to the default value)

  • customization of one or more scenarios based on your needs


Intruder alarm system management

  • intruder alarm system control with virtual keypad

  • displays images of the detectors installed in each area

  • displays the area from which the alarm was triggered


Programmable timer

  • manages scenario startup according to a schedule

  • set 8 programs that contain 40 actions each that can be paired to the days of the week


Control Logics

  • programming of the control logics: perform activations at certain conditions (e.g. opening of an outdoor awning if the wind sensor transmits its consent)