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System accessories

The customization of your home automation system is completed by the selection of accessories offered in the catalogue that can cover all application needs.



  • 3 x 1 mm ² cross-section (Ø 6.5 mm sheath)

  • suitable for the transfer of data and 24 V DC power supply for home automation modules connected to the he¡Bus automation Bus.

  • conforms to IEC 20 - 22


Ethernet cross cable

Direct connection of the PC for programming the colour touch screen terminals.


Kit for programming home automation modules and Touch Screen

  • CD with programming software

  • RS232-RJ11 interface for programming modules

  • RS232-USB converter

  • DIN rail RJ11 socket

  • connector for PC connection to the touch screen 002DTS380M


Interface module for BPT video phone entry systems

  • integrates the HEI home automation system  with BPT video phone entry systems

  • allows you to send over LAN the audio and video signals from an external unit directly to the touch screen (only colour version)

  • compatible with the BPT X1 system (Lithos and Thangram series external units)


CD with software license

Customisation of the graphical maps and scenarios of the alarm and home automation with heITouch colour screens.

  • supervision software

  • management of the home automation system via networked PC


DMX Driver for RGB lighting fixtures

Connected to the interface module, allows you to dim the brightness of the RGB device (LED spotlight or strip) and to mix three colours.


The catalogue also features:

  • contactor with 1NO + 1 NC 20 A contacts

  • interface w/ 2x6A relay outputs with NO contact

  • self-protected parallel connection power supply x  24 V DC 1.5 A/12 V DC 2 A

  • DIN rail RJ11 socket

  • 1-channel video server that allows connection of an analogue camera to the LAN