Came opens up new horizons with Mondrian 5 and 6, the new operators for moving awnings and shutters | CAME


Came opens up new horizons with Mondrian 5 and 6, the new operators for moving awnings and shutters

Treviso, 26 June 2012 – Came, leader in the field of automation, active safety and automatic access control, is adding to its range of operators for moving awnings and shutters with Mondrian 5 and Mondrian 6, the new generation of operators for medium-sized awnings and shutters. An integral part of the Art - Advanced Revolution Technology - range of tubular motors, Mondrian, the latest arrival at Came, adapts to the many different application requirements thanks to a wide range of motors with different diameters and loading capacities, able to move very heavy shutters as well as roller shutters.




As with all Art motors, the Mondrian range is characterised by high quality, cutting-edge technological imprinting, which ensures products that are reliable and easy to install and use. The seamless integration of Mondrian tubular motors with the Came hei home automation system allows you to program and manage all shutters and blackout systems in the home centrally with just one touch.

Designed and built to move shutters, awnings or blackout systems with varying capacities, from 18 to 171 kg, Mondrian 5 and Mondrian 6 (in the photo) are perfect for both new buildings and renovations. They are 230 V tubular motors and differ in diameter and lifting capacity. Mondrian 5 has a diameter of 45 mm and can lift weights of between 18 and 92 kg. Mondrian 6 has a diameter of 55 mm and can move awnings and shutters weighing between 114 and 171 kg.

Operated via button on the wall, Mondrian 5 and Mondrian 6 can also be operated using an optional radio-based device which enables shutters or awnings to be moved from a distance. Thanks to the mechanical limit switch with highly reliable precision adjustment device with which they are fitted, the shutter stops automatically once fully open (or fully closed), keeping its calibration constant over time.

In addition to the classic version, the two Came tubular systems also come in the “M” version, featuring emergency operation, ensuring that the awning is raised even in the event of a power failure with manual movement.

Mondrian 5 is also available in the “Q5” version, characterised by extremely quiet mechanics, making the operator impossible to hear and particularly suitable for use in condominiums (or apartment block) or places in which silence is essential, such as in hospitals.

Installing the motor is quick and simple (va girata secondo me:” the motor is quick and simple to install): the fastening supports guarantee maximum efficiency and ease of installation of the tubular system, even in smaller shutter boxes, while the through (ci v il punto e quello che è in giallo eliminato) adjustment screws are accessible from both sides of the operator, a feature that facilitates adjustment of the limit switch points, whatever the position of the motor.

An optional climate sensor makes it possible to adjust the opening and closing of the shutters automatically, according to the weather conditions, increasing thermal efficiency – resulting in significant energy savings - while at the same time protecting the home from any bad weather.