Came opens awnings and shutters with Wagner, the new range of 433.9 Mhz radio transmitters | CAME


Came opens awnings and shutters with Wagner, the new range of 433.9 Mhz radio transmitters

Treviso, 19 November 2012 - Came, leader in the field of automation, active safety and automatic access control, launches Wagner, the new radio transmitter for awnings, shutters and blinds, an integral part of the Art - Advanced Revolution Technology - range of accessories - combining a sought-after design with the best Came technology.

Ergonomic and elegant, Wagner is characterised by its distinctive boomerang-shaped silhouette, designed to improve the comfort and practicality of the remote control in any situation. Its small size (48x126x17 mm), sophisticated aesthetics and the extreme functionality of reliable and proven technology make Wagner one of the leading models in the Came range of accessories.

The keys, arranged in a line, make it impossible to send an accidental command by pressing a button involuntarily, while a red LED, positioned on the back, indicates the charge level of the batteries, meaning radio transmitter operation can always be kept under control. The casing is made from ABS with plastic wrap, and the cover is available in an elegant white colour.

WAGNER models operate on the 433.92 MHz frequency, in perfect compatibility with Came TAM and TOP protocols, and can take advantage of the potential of a system with receiver models with 1 or 5 channels. The reliability of the radio control is guaranteed by the secrecy of the 24-bit code with 4,194,304 combinations.

Wagner is also available in the 5 version, equipped with a self-learning feature, which automatically memorises the code from one transmitter to another, making it easier to implement multiple devices in the same system.

The wall bracket, measuring 48x63 mm, available in the package means the radio transmitter can be secured firmly to the wall when not in use and turns the Wagner from a handy portable transmitter to a discreet wall-mounted control point.