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Home automation

Comfort is automatic

We start from the simple movement of your gate and doors, thanks to the extreme flexibility, integration , innovation and adaptability of the devices, Came global home automation concept, can automate anything which is inside or outside the house , thus providing you the complete safety
Every room in the house or any moving device has been designed such so that it improves and optimize quality of life , to which nothing is a hurdle, creating a solution, a simplification, an expression of freedom of movement for all easily .

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So many solutions, one that is ideal for you

Thanks to the “scenario” principle, with one command you can activate and customize the action of operators depending on your lifestyle even if you are single at home or with people.
By simply activating the set scenario from the convenient touchscreen of Came, in just a few minutes, the system will respond to your needs by adjusting the temperature in the rooms, lowering the lights and turning on your favorite music. Result: your home and the space you live in achieve maximum added value.

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No worries

Via your internet and GSM connection over smartphone, tablet, PDA or PC you can easily connect to your home .Easily you can perform quick video screening of your home, turn on watering on plants , raise the temperature of the room  , check the power connection before your return to home (while on move ).

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Came new he¡Touch terminals feature advance monochrome displays, sophisticated icons and customizable libraries, frames are available with countless colors , one can select according to their need .Maximum function management and supervision of the entire system using real color images.




Benefits that become solutions



Best energy savings with total respect for the environment: handy touch screens can easily show all electricity consumption of your home, providing valuable information to reduce dispersions and optimize system performance effectively. This allows light, water and gas to be used in an efficient manner, avoiding blackouts due to overload.

The temperature control system, can easily be functioned and control up to 24 different thermal zones, creating the best conditions or aura in every room. Without wasting energy and avoiding unnecessary heating or cooling of scantly occupied areas of the house.

Gas leaks, water leaks or flooding, electrical faults, blackouts: with specific hazard detectors you can easily keep your home safe round the clock by easily viewing the alarm signals immediately via touch screen.

No matter wherever you are at home or on the go .Thanks to the remote control functionality that enable you to view your home automation units from a smartphone , PC or tablet , you can easily give a command from a distance even when you are not there. You have both the choices you can turn off or on the each light point by using touch screen or traditional wall mounted Came control panel.

Turn power on and off of each light point, using the touch screen or the traditional wall-mounted control panel. It is very easy to program timer to configure one or more outdoor or indoor lights according to the need. Furthermore, you can adjust light intensity and activate high-tech RGB lamps to create a desired aura .The Came home automation system let you set and control your home sound system , with the help of touch screen you can choose the desired room sound system wherein you can easily increase or decrease volume and enjoy the moment .

As correctly said safety knows no boundaries .Came intruder alarm system can also perfectly get synchronized with home automation system according to the customer need. Powerful, advanced, customizable per to the customer need , the advanced intruder alarm device is ready to monitor any room or outdoor area. Safety knows no boundaries.
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The intruder alarm system also perfectly combines with the Came home automation system. Dynamic, modular, customizable according to your needs, the advanced intruder alarm device is ready to monitor any room or outdoor area. Safety knows no boundaries.

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1. Entrance gate opening or closing

2. Sound system control

3. Overhead door activation

4. Intruder alarm activation or deactivation

5. Control of electrical loads and technical alarm monitoring

6. Home lighting system control

7. Shutter actuation

8. Heating and temperature control

9. Sun awning control

10. Switching on outdoor lights

11. Irrigation system programming