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Myto, goodbye operator, hello easy installation and functionality

Hybrid Solution designed by Came , which can be installed on the surface or underground , for gates measuring swing leaves up to 1.8m wide . Myto swing gate operator is particularly used in complex installations in relation to customer needs and the kind of space available .It is small in size with all benefit of 24 V.


Invisible, adaptable, non-invasive

Myto is the answer to changing demands in the automation market, an easy, flexible solution, with no additional costs or complicated changes required to the gate. Just 8 cm of foundation are required to position this revolutionary gear motor, which conceals reliable, resistant, safe mechanics.



For installers: Does not require the removal of the gate leaf or extra construction work leading to significant saving of time during installation.

EN Tested technology for easy system certification in accordance with European standards.

For users: Myto swing gate operator has the ability to automate your gate safely, with no invasive and expensive intervention, even where there are no appropriate configurations; it is a flexible, easy-to-install solution, with no additional costs or complicated changes required to the gate.


All the flexibility of Myto for a tangible answer to varied installation requirements

Below-ground motor, positioned to the side         Above-ground motor, positioned to the side

Below-ground motor in standard position       Above-ground motor in standard position


The arm that lends a hand to your work

The Special Myto transmission has been designed such that it fit in and adapt to applications where space is limited especially in the presence of side walls or fences.

The sliding block and built-in mechanical end runs enable rapid, precise adjustment of the stop position of the leaves, during both opening and closing.