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Krono: the perfect complement to your wrought iron gate

Designed to meet the most demanding requirements, combining style and durability.
Available in three versions, kroon is to be applied to swing gates with leaves between 3 and 5 m wide.


Perfect integration

Thanks to its “stem” shape and special finish, Krono is adjustable to many architectural contexts, where there is huge complexity involved.                                                
All equipment is 100% made up of aluminum to guarantee strength and longevity.



For installers: It has display for function programming and perform self-diagnosis of the safety devices connected to the system (ZM3).

For users: Security against burglary is guaranteed during the power failure, the device stops the gate and manual opening is guaranteed by the practical key release system.


Controlled opening

The gate motor can be stopped directly with an ease by using the transmitter and the leaf opened partially to allow pedestrians to pass through.