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Frog: doesn't jump out at you

Underground solution recommended for new desiged swing gates with leaves measuring up to 3.5 m long. Electromechanical movement for adjustment in all operating conditions, even the most demanding. With reduced periodic maintenance Frog has proven reliability over the years of time which is now a true champion of its kind!


The sooner the better

Installing Frog is quite simple and the configuration of the foundation box is such that the shutter can also be operated at different times.



For installers: EN Tested technology for easy system certification in accordance with European standards.

For users: invisible(underground ) and safe; installation preserves the aesthetics of the entrance; self-diagnosis of the safety devices i.e. checking correct operation of the safety devices, such as photocells, before the operator goes into service.


Special openings

Special and unique movement levers that could rotate leaf up to 180° for better space management.


Designed to withstand anything

With anti-rust treatment, steel foundation box and cataphoresis paint ensures that the product is light weighted . Also available in stainless steel. The IP67 protection rating against the elements makes it perfectly functional even in the worst situations.