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Technology within arm's reach

For applications in medium are large pillars , Fast 40 is always the best suitable option .Swing Gates with leaves up to 2.3 m wide can be moved easily , all thanks to the jointed arm .


New performance, high technology

  • 24 V version, internal control board.

  • Reduced installation time

  • Mechanical stops, built into the gear motor, adaptable during opening and closing to make it possible to eliminate the traditional, bulky “ground stops” on the fixture.



For installers: Fast and easy connection with only one cable along with three wires (24 V version); EN Tested technology for easy system certification in accordance with European standards.

For users: fully adjustable gate run and slowdown management, ensuring safety, durability and reliability.



  • Each command is rejected if an obstacle is detected by the safety devices even when the gate is not moving.

  • The motor with encoder enables easy management of the slowdown and obstacle detection stages.

  • self-diagnosis of safety devices

  • During the power failure, lever can be released to facilitate manual gate opening.


Simplicity and savings

The 24 V Fast40 version is equipped with the new “Sleep Mode” technology that reduces the consumption of electricity when the motor is not in service.
Even in the areas without electricity gate can be moved as Fast 40 is compatible with Came Zero –E solar power panel.