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Tourist facility solutions


Our new and advanced technology create a safe, comfortable and relaxing environment that is modern and cutting-edge at the same time for the tourist-facilities. Owing to the huge experience, we are instrumental in offering and ensuring safety of our solutions required by  hotels, campsites and marinas.




Our range of automatic doors, SIPARIO, ideal for complex environments, with low main beams or false ceilings, offers easy installation. In case of any emergency, the anti panic system enables elegant access points and safety.


The GARD series offers different types of automatic barriers which are used to identify, memories and enable entry and exit to the authorized personnel only, ensuring safe management of all tourist facilities such as ports, hotels and campsites. Manufactured from stainless steel, this range offers great reliability.




Our range of safe, reliable car park protector, UNIPARK, comes with radio commands and also operates in the event of a power failure. It is ideal for selecting reserved parking slots for guests at hotels or any tourist accommodation.


Our range of TWISTER tripod turnstile is the most convenient solution when you need to select access and manage flow of crowd at tourist destinations like theme parks and water parks. It also ensures privacy and safety of the guests at a campsite when returning from the beach.




URBACO electricity columns, simple solutions, are available in both retractable and visible versions, inside stylish structures that blend in perfectly with the urban landscape, offers a quick connection for supplying electricity, phone lines and water. These are specially designed to have a minimal visual impact, whatever their location, even in historical town centers. They are also ideal for use in areas reserved for travelling markets in towns or for large group events such as concerts and fairs.

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