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Give wings to your windows

Volare is the first Came operator for opening and closing window fixtures and shutters with one or two swing leaves.

It is ideal for every type of fixture with a maximum weight of 35 kg per leaf.


Maximum comfort

  • operator consisting of a gearmotor mounted on the main beam, which transmits the movement to the leaf via an arm/guide system

  • it can be affixed to both new and existing fixtures, remaining almost invisible, thanks to its small size

  • the guides are easy to install and can be adapted to different types and sizes of leaf

  • simple management using buttons on the wall or from a distance using radio control



For installers:
  • fast, easy assembly. Only a few, quick operations are required for installation

  • extremely small sizes. Just 7.5 cm are required, and installation is even possible in the presence of mosquito nets

  • wide range of compatible radio controls: Top, Tam, Twin

For users:
  • significant energy savings. The leaves can be moved without opening the windows, therefore without generating heat loss

  • it blends in discreetly with the aesthetics of the building

  • a single radio control can control multiple devices

  • quiet, regular movement

  • reversal of movement in the event of an obstacle


The advantages of 24 V electronics

  • frequent power failures. The electronics automatically detects any power failure and activates emergency operation using backup batteries

  • speed ​​under control. According to requirements, the electronics is able to adjust the speed of manoeuvre

  • intensive use. The low voltage gearmotor ensures ideal operation of the barrier in conditions of intensive use

  • obstacle detection. A special electronic circuit constantly analyses regular leaf operation, either stopping or reversing the movement, when coming into contact with any obstacles


Greater safety

  • encoder motor offers high levels of performance and makes it possible to control the fixture in the event of an obstacle (anti-crushing feature)

  • self-learning of the run for automatic detection of the “open and closed” points

  • mechanical release to facilitate manual opening or closing of the fixture in the event of a power failure

  • on-board control unit to minimise the installation dimensions, facilitating the electrical connection to the line and to the commands

  • radio remote control, for partial or total management of settings in a single step, in perfect comfort