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Automatika za dom




The pleasure of opening
and closing blinds

Voilà is the solution for powering the opening and closing of blinds and shutters with one or two swing leaves – without you having to lean out of windows.


Blinds and shutters start moving
smoothly and silently

A simple click from the wallmounted selector, or while walking around, by using the radio transmitter, and your blinds and shutters start moving smoothly and silently. The operator is easily fitted to the window lintel, on either new or already installed windows, and so needs no costly set up jobs. The 24 V DC motor is ideal for residential settings that need a safer and efficient operator, that even works during power outages, thanks to the supplied emergency batteries. Among the available features there is the partial opening of the leaves and the burglar-proof blocking system for when the leaves are closed.


User-friendly, safe,

  • Burglar-proof system boosted by the safe anti-blocking system, if the leaves are closed.

  • During power outages, the battery-operated emergency system kicks in so the leaf can perform up to ten complete movements.

  • No heat loss, remarkable energy savings.

  • The Voilà operator is designed to fit in discreetly while completely respecting the aesthetics of your home.

  • Openings control with a single transmitter of the Came range.

  • Smooth silent movement.

  • If there are any obstructions, maximum safety is ensured thanks to the immediate inversion of movement.