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FAQs: technologies

What does EN Tested mean?

All Came products bear the exclusive EN Tested system marking, which certifies that the solution has been produced and tested according to the rigorous criteria of the European Standards as regards impact force. This means greater safety for the user and greater ease of installation and maintenance for the installer.

Came was the first company in Europe to take advantage of this certification and through the many training and refresher courses of its installers, the company wishes to increase the awareness that a safe and certified product brings value to its users and installers alike.

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What are the advantages to installing a 24V operator?

24V technology maximises the potential of your automation both in terms of practicality and safety:

  1. in case of blackout the electronics recognises the fault and allows the activation of the emergency batteries

  2. ideal for intense use of the automation

  3. customization of opening and closing and time and slowdown when closing for a silent approach of the leaf

  4. provision for connection with the photovoltaic system Zero-E (only for Fast40, Gard 4, Gard 8)

What is the difference between a wired control system and a radio one?

A hard wired system requires a wired connection through electrical wires and generally the control unit is close to the automation,  radio control does not require electrical connections between  the automation and control unit; commands are sent via remote control that takes advantage of the radio waves to send the signal.

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