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FAQs: gates

What do I need to know to choose the right automation?

In order to install a gate operator, in addition to knowing the width of the passage and the weight of the gate, you have to check the type of application and use for which it is intended. The choice of the right operator is crucial to ensure longer service life of your operator with less problems.

Does Came also sell the door/the gate or just the operator?

Came manufactures and sells the world's widest range of automation systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications, including operators for swing or sliding gates but does not actually sell gates.

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What are the benefits of having an automated gate?

What's more uncomfortable than having to get out of the car and push the gate of the house to open and close it, especially when it rains? This is why Came offers you a wide range of operators for your needs in order to improve the quality of your life.

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What types of gate can be automated with Came solutions?

Came products allow you to automate new or existing sliding or swign gates depending on the needs of the customer.

Operators for sliding gates with leaves from 800 kg to 3500 kg. Clicca qui

Operators for swing gates with leaves from 1.8 m to 8 m. Clicca qui

What safety devices must I install?

Came products with  EN Tested technology perfectly comply with the minimum requirements for impact force detection, however we always recommend the installation of photocells, preferably on the side of the road if in the vicinity of a public passageways.

It is essential that installation be performed in a workmanlike manner. If the gate is designed for intensive use, you can also install sensitive edges that reverse the direction of travel when in contact with any obstacle. Finally, we recommend that a flashing light signals of the operator motion status.

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What steps must be carried out before you install a gate-operator?

Before installing any operator, electrical connections must be prepared and it is mandatory to know the type of gate to automate.

For undergound solutions the foundation box must be set into the ground.

Which solution does Came propose if I can not make use of a connected power line?

If you want to automate a gate when you do not have a power line available, Came offers FAST40 automation for swign gates up to 2.3 m per gate-leaf that can also be powered with the handy ZERO-E solar panel.

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What is the average service life of a gate-operator?

A gate-operator generally has a service life of 10 years, but as with any automated product its decay varies in relation to the frequency and type of use and the maintenance carried out. Following the manufacturer's recommendations allows you to extend the service life of your automation.

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Why do I have to certify the installation of the gate automation?

It is required by law to certify the automation of a gate.

I would like to install wireless photocells. How can I do this?

Within the range of safety accessories, Came offers battery powered DB photocells. These allow you to safely move your automation without the need for cable connections, giving you the possibility to cover the perimeter of the area affected by the movement of the gate.

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Is maintenance always mandatory?

Maintenance of automatic gates must be performed in accordance with the maintenance plan. Maintenance is the responsibility of the owner who becomes responsible for accidents or damage due to poor maintenance or lack thereof. Came recommends that you prepare and implement a maintenance plan, as specified in the maintenance manual.

In case of snow, will the operator experience faults?

All Came Products for the automation of sliding and swing gates can withstand temperatures up to 20 degrees below zero, while the internal components are isolated from external agents such as water and dust. In the case of heavy snowfalls, be sure to clear snow from the area affected by the movement of the gate to prevent the operator to block when finding the obstacle and the photocells not to be clearly visible.

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Is it mandatory to install the product label?

Yes, as per machinery directive.

Is it mandatory to give a copy of the Declaration of Conformity of the automated gate to the owner?

Yes! The declaration must be kept in the technical folder and a copy shall be delivered to the owner.

What happens in the event of a power outage?

All Came products for the automation of sliding and swing gates come with a release system to open and close your gate manually in case of power outage.

The 24V versions also feature a handy card for connection to the back-up battery that allows for optimal operation in all situations.

Can I use the gate transmitter to open the garage door?

Certainly. You must configure the transmitter and in a few easy steps you're done. For example, in a common private dwelling, if owning a two-channel radio transmitter, it is possible to combine a channel for opening the gate and the other channel for the garage door.

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How do I memorise Top transmitter at 433.92 MHz?

1. Simultaneously press the two top buttons of the new transmitter (in case of model with 4-keys), until the LED flashes faster;

2. Press the button on which you want to enable the open command;

3. Within 10 seconds from "Phase 2", bring the already programmed transmitter close to the one still to be programmed by pressing the button that controls the replicate operation. After saving, the LED will flash 3 times;

4. Now the transmitter is ready to be used.