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PS Barcode

PS Barcode: automatic parking systems with barcode ticket

The token solution for managing occasional users with payment

  • system for managing occasional users and subscribers

  • barcode ticket on thermal paper type FAN FOLD STANDARD ISO precut

  • customizable according to the needs of the operator

  • modularity and efficiency of service and reduced running costs


Entry unit

  • made of galvanized steel and epoxy coated with anchor base

  • barcode ticket entry management

  • two buttons for ticket request (double height)

  • subscriber management

  • intercom connection

  • up to 16 units


Exit units

  • made of galvanized steel and epoxy coated with anchor base

  • reads tickets that have been validated (at the automatic or manual pay station) 

  • subscriber transponder card reader

  • intercom connection

  • up to 16 units


Automatic pay station

  • made of galvanized steel and epoxy coated with anchor base

  • manages payments and ticket validation

  • reader for various values of coins

  • subscriber transponder card reader

  • thermal paper receipt printer

  • up to 8 units


Touch screen automatic pay station

  • touch screen in burglar-proof stainless steel

  • payment by coins, banknotes and also credit cards (optional)

  • subscriber transponder card recharging

  • up to 4 units

The features:

  • multilingual menu (6 choices)

  • programmable coin and banknote reader  based on the currency of the country of installation

  • indicator: amount reached, missing, change

  • diagnosis via SMS system with real-time system status check (optional)

  • ready for connection with intercom HELP call button


Auxiliary pay station

A special unit to implement multi-location validation or toll payment, even without a PC. Very useful at supermarket checkouts, or anywhere a business owner wants to reward loyal customers by paying for parking in whole or in part. Up to 16 units.