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Frog Plus

A power like no other

Frog Plus is “retracting” solution, ideal for automatic swing gates with very uncommon dimensions with leaves up to 7 m in length or weighing 1100 kg.


Resistant to everything!

The steel foundation box with anti-rust treatment and cataphoresis paint ensures Frog Plus is watertight. The IP67 protection rating against the elements makes it perfectly functional even in the worst situations.



For installers: self-learning of opening and closing end runs.

For users: the latest generation electronics guarantees the most advanced functionalities for controlling the operator and safeguarding users, even with high transit flows.


Total control

  • self-diagnosis of safety devices

  • programming and function displays

  • run control and encoder obstacle detection

  • memorisation of radio controls with different codes (up to 250 users)

  • safety even when the gate is not moving. Each command is cancelled if an obstacle is detected by the safety devices


The new end run system

The foundation box and gearmotor are fitted as standard with adjustable mechanical end runs for opening and closing. An electromechanical end run (optional) is also available.

Interchangeable load-bearing pin.
To facilitate preventive maintenance and ensure a long service life for the system.