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Automatic chain barrier

Design that complements any architectural context for openings up to 16 m; Cat is ideal for public or private parking facilities or to prevent access for pedestrian or limited traffic areas.


Extremely versatile

  • complete operator. Motor, control panel, radio receiver and all the configurations for operation in case of a power failure, are contained within the pillar

  • easy release. In the event of a power failure and for all emergency situations, the special security padlock with customised key allows the immediate release of the chain

  • total safety. Control panel built into the unit


The 230 V electronics

  • mechanical limit switches in opening and closing easy to adjust, and without the need for subsequent registrations

  • closing expected after the preset time adjustable by trimmer

  • command "without self-hold" that requires the continuous pressure of the command button for the entire operation, including the possibility of immediately stopping the movement of the chain


The benefits of 24 V electronics

  • mechanical limit switches for easy-to-adjust opening and closing

  • automatic closing envisaged after the adjustable preset time

  • “no self-hold” command that requires continuous pressure on the button for the whole manoeuvre