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total tried-and-tested safety

Martini is a receiving control unit for controlling monophase motors running at 230 V 50 Hz and with built-in mechanical endstops.

It is ideal for tube operators or for rolling shutters. The control unit is designed to provide very high levels of safety for the operator.
The 433.92 Mhz radio receiver with 24-bit Came protocol decoder is built-into the control unit and is compatible with Wagner, Vivaldi and TAM series transmitters.


Install a product featuring high
levels of technological content

  • Protection time memorization.

  • Can set 5 seconds of pre-flashing.

  • Invert motor travel direction without needing to rewire the terminals.

  • Twenty-five programmable transmitters.

  • Working time of two minutes and thirty seconds if the protection time is not set.

  • Low energy consuming courtesy light.


Choose the convenience of
a very safe product

  • Automatic closing time adjustable from zero (automatic closing excluded) to max 120 seconds.

  • Can set 5 seconds of pre-flashing.

  • Partial or total reopening in case of any obstructions.

  • If the photocells are working you can enable the man-on closing.

  • Can activate the maintained action controls.

  • STEP-BY-STEP feature.

  • Compatible with applied sensitive safety-edges and 8K2 resistive sensitive safety-edges.

  • Can enable the safety test.