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Telephone diallers

Voice guidance card

The units are supplied with the PSTN bidirectional telephone integrated dialler. This can transmit alarms in digital form with Contac-ID protocol, to law enforcement agencies. Installing the voice card adds the following features to the system:



  1. voice message transmission to pre-selected the telephone 

  2. event memory available

  3. TTS (Text To Speech) program that can convert a written text into a voice message then reproduced by the voice card

  4. two vocal synthesis cards according to needs: 64Mbit or 256Mbit memory

  5. remote control operation guide:

  • query the control unit status

  • control unit activation and deactivation 

  • query power supply and fuse status

  • query event log

  • query inputs and temporary exclusion of inputs

  • query and activation of outputs


optional GSM Antenna

optional GSM Antenna with steel bracket and cable length of 10 meters.