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Radio control unit Ermet


  • 99 radio inputs

  • 6 wired inputs

  • 4 programmable outputs

  • capacitive keypad with integrated touch sensitive keys

  • integrated graphic display with system status icons

  • transponder key reader

  • PSTN telephone dialler with voice synthesis

  • integrated indoor siren

  • voice guide for the user to use and manage the system

  • radio and wire inputs can be grouped into 8 areas individually programmable

  • USB port for programming via PC with the SWLINK software

  • self-learning of devices for programming with the help of the voice guide, without a PC



  • up to two wired keypads via RS485 bus line

  • two transponder readers

  • two radio receivers


Management of:

  • 32 transmitters

  • 8 wireless keypads

  • 20 user codes

  • 20 transponder keys


GSM connection

  • bi-directional dialler

  • alarm transmission over GSM line, provided in voice form or via a special SMS

  • SMS control of functions

  • operations can be remote controlled:

  1. query the control panel status

  2. activate and deactivate the control unit

  3. query power supply and fuse status

  4. query event log

  5. query inputs and temporary exclusion of inputs

  6. query and activate outputs


LAN interface

  1. the unit communicates with a local PC connected to the network or with a remote PC connected to the Internet

  2. on-board web-server allows connection to the control unit from a local PC or from a remote PC connected to the Internet


SWLINK Software

The program allows you to set all the configuration parameters, using 3 modes:

  • easy (basic parameters)

  • standard(commonly used parameters)

  • advanced(all parameters available)