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Energy management


  • prevents power disruption due to overload

  • controls up to 8 electrical loads so that the total of their consumption does not exceed the limits set by the supply contract

  • with every load is assigned an order of priority

  • can be used on a single-phase line with power up to 15 kW, is equipped with CT (current transformer)

  • can be used for 5 different types of supply contracts: 3 kW; 4,5 kW; 6 kW, 10 kW; 15 kW

  • the touch screen displays the status of various electric utilities, the total consumption and consumption statistics collected

  • you can temporarily exclude from automatic control one or more loads, setting them into manual control



A CT current transformer is connected to the electricity meter of which you want to detect the output current, if the latter exceeds the threshold, the module that is connected to the CT disconnects the loads in the order of priority, until the energy consumption values are within the correct parameters. The utilities will then be reconnected when the total value of absorption on the line falls below the limit value.