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Vivaldi, the new wall-mounted radio transmitter for awnings, shutters and blinds

Treviso, 12 December 2013 - Came launches Vivaldi, the new wall-mounted radio transmitter for awnings, shutters and blinds, an integral part of the Art - Advanced Revolution Technology - range of accessories - combining a sought-after design with the best Came technology.

Featuring a square silhouette that stands out in its enclosure, some Vivaldi versions also have a timer feature, making it possible to program the movement of one or more shutters in various hourly and weekly time slots, enabling users to take best advantage of light and sun conditions or ensure that shutters open or close at certain times of day.

Particularly suitable for installation in any living environment, thanks to the ease and speed of application, Vivaldi is ideal for existing homes and renovations: the fact that commands are transmitted by wireless radio control means the device can be applied in any living environment with no need for complicated or invasive building work. The wall bracket, just 18 mm thick, makes it possible to secure the radio transmitter to the wall.

Vivaldi models operate on the 433.92 MHz frequency, in perfect compatibility with Came TAM protocols, and can take advantage of the potential of a system with models featuring 1 to 15 channels. The reliability of the radio control is guaranteed by the secrecy of the 24-bit code with 4,194,304 combinations.

Vivaldi is also available in the “Vivaldi Timer Wired 1” version. This 1-channel wired model makes it possible to control operators when applying to motors with mechanical limit switches. (to the left).


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