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Technology and speed together in the new came Saloon40 turnstiles

Treviso, 12 April 2012 -  Came presents Saloon40, the new motorised swing gate turnstile which is extremely compact with an innovative, functional design.
Designed to manage access control in large environments, such as shopping centres, airports, hospitals and service facilities, where traffic is fast and frequent, Saloon40 offers high performance, making it possible to free the opening very quickly thank to the gate that opens in just one second.

Featuring an aluminium frame with satin finish stainless steel, the new Came turnstile with a completely new design is a concentrate of aesthetic and technological solutions. The illuminated ring, built in to the device, indicates the movement of the gate and its corresponding operating status, marked by the colour red (closing movement), green (opening movement) or blue (gate closing warning), while an acoustic signal means that foot traffic can be kept under constant control, indicating any attempts at forced opening. Gate opening can be activated remotely using a radar that can be built-in or a transponder card, magnetic badge, buttons or photocells.
The range of products for selecting and limiting pedestrian flows is completed with the series of barriers that can be combined with the Saloon system.

Fast and easy to install, Saloon40 is a treasure trove of technology that contains the circuit board and the power supply in a diameter of just 120 mm. Designed for intensive use, the new Came turnstile comes with a 24V DC encoder motor that enables easy management of the gate slowdown stages and obstacle detection. In the event of power failure, the turnstile can be opened manually, for both entry and exit.

Available with two types of gate, 900 or 1200 mm in length, Saloon40 also comes in a double gate version, for use on particularly large pedestrian openings.

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