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Emega40: the user-friendly garage door operator with built-in display

Treviso, 25 june 2014 - The line of Came products that is dedicated to garage doors is now expanded with Emega40, the new operator with built-in display for quick and safe programming and movement of all types of overhead, counter-weighted and spring-loaded garage doors - whether they are made of steel sheeting, wood or caulk.

The ideal solution for garage doors that have surface areas of maximum 9 square meters; for heavier and larger doors, that is, up to 14 square meters of surface area, a "gearmotor only" version is available to be used together.

A concentrate of technology and innovation, Emega40 is an operator fitted with a 24 Volt motor and die-cast aluminium structure, especially suited for providing quick passage in either apartment complex and industrial settings, without ever losing its effective, reliable and silent qualities.

The new operator designed by Came is the evolution of Emega, with which it is perfectly compatible, in that it shares the same fastening base-guide, thus ensuring modularity and interchangeability.


  • Encoder technology, that constantly analyzes whether the door is operating properly and immediately detects any obstructions

  • The release system, that works via a user-friendly lever fitted onto the protective carter, can be activated from outside

  • Complete with its LED courtesy light

  • EN Tested branded operator: designed and tested according to the most rigorous European Standards criteria in terms of impact forces.

  • integrated into the Came hei home automation system



Emega40 makes for a quick safe and contained installation. Its harmonious Made in Italy design fits into the casing the practical keypad and display, the control board and the optional emergency battery housing, to ensure operation even during power outages.

The keypad is extremely intuitive and, besides controlling the door, in just a few short minutes of programming time, it lets you adjust opening, closing and slow-down times and to initially setup the operator and perform a quick diagnostic test to check that the entire system is running properly. Via text messages, the display lets users check the system's status at any time.