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Came leads the way for young "Ex Machina" project partners

Treviso, 3 October, 2014 - Came, one of Italy's and the world's leading companies in the Home & Building Automation sector, is always keen to support projects for the younger generations, and is thus a partner to Ex Machina, an initiative conceived and promoted by Porsche Italia that aims to create new opportunities for young people wishing to show their talent by developing cutting-edge solutions in a business environment.

The Veneto-based Group will therefore be present in Treviso, on Saturday and Sunday 4 and 5 October, at the Hackathon, that is, the creative phase of the project which will bring together, at H-Farm - Italy's foremost start-up incubator, all young people interested in developing new digital-technology ideas.

Over the two working days, the jury will select  the 10 finalist teams, each of which is made up of three youngsters, who will then have a chance to spend the following months at the H-FARM campus, and attend the intensive acceleration program dedicated to start-ups. The winning projects will gain visibility with a panel of excellence composed by Porsche Italia and Ex Machina partner firms , like Came, and have the chance to witness their own worth come to bear fruit.

"We chose to partake in the Porsche Italia's Ex Machina project, - said Elisa Menuzzo, Vice President of Came Group – because it fully represents our way of doing business as well as our vocation to invest in the younger generations. We have developed numerous initiatives for young people, such as Campus Came, which is a project dedicated to high-school students to help spread the culture of power-operators and home & building automation. In fact, we are going to concretely offer those young people that will be choosing a career in the near future, the chance to become their own innovators and entrepreneurs. But we've taken it a step further ... with Came Design Award we launched a contest dedicated to students and university graduates from the Faculty of Architecture and Design and Italian Design Schools and invited them to let loose their creativity by imagining how technology would revolutionize homes and the way we live and the most innovative projects will be shown at Expo Milano 2015".