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Came launches "Came Design Award"

Treviso, 25 June 2014 - Came has instituted the "Came Design Award", a prize for developing and promoting the culture of innovative living.

The 1st edition of the Came Design Award will center on the "Future VS HOME. Bridge the Gap" design contest, born out of the awareness that between the "future" and "home", a conflict is afoot, in which the idea that technology can better serve people is struggling to take hold. Through this competition, Came is asking students and new graduates of the Faculties of Architecture and Design at Italian Design Schools to unleash their creativity by imagining how technology will revolutionize homes and living.

A prestigious jury panel of international experts in the world of architecture and design, supported by Came top executives, is assigned the task of assessing the projects that will competing in the Came Design Award.

The board of experts shall be chaired by Makio Hasuike, considered to be one design's international icons, who in 1968 founded one of the first industrial design studios in Italy. At his side there will be Milanese architect Massimo Farinatti, university professor and industrial design expert who has achieved numerous Italian and international awards, along with the Treviso architect Marco Mora, co-founder of Acamedy, the network of web-communication design and organization labs consulting for small enterprises in the Treviso area. Completing the jury, with her experience Elisa Menuzzo, Vice President of Came Group and Gianni Michielan, Chief Executive Officer of CAME Cancelli Automatici.

The winners, to be selected by a panel of experts, besides winning a prize amounting to 3,500 Euro, will be given the opportunity to contribute to the development of the Future Home set up by Came at the Milan Expo 2015.

Came offers, in fact, young creative talents that study and work in Italy a truly unique opportunity, by prompting them to put themselves to the test in a contest that will reward the most innovative projects, that is, those that can grasp the new frontiers of modern living.

The projects entering the contest shall have align themselves with the topics that the company has already, for some time, undertaken by following a significant innovative path renowned the world over: control and management of entry/exit access points, security, lighting, home automation, technology to support daily living and human/machine interfacing.

"We truly believe in the young - stated Elisa Menuzzo, Vice President of Came Group - and in their creative capacity, in their attitude toward innovation: and the "Came Design Award" contest is proof of this. We believe that their tenacity and willingness to put themselves to the test can be the drivers for new ideas. We think, therefore, that the young should be fully entitled to coming up with the so-called future home, by imagining what the homes they will be soon living in will be like".