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CAME BPT presents MTM: the new modular video-entry range

Designed to be highly-versatile and performing, attractive and innovative, here is the new entry panel for any installation setting.

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Case History: Came Domotic 3.0 moves into four apartment compounds in Luxembourg

About 2,000 apartments in four apartment compounds, in Luxembourg's main cities, have been fitted with Came Domotic 3.0 innovative technology for managing, burglar alarms, video entry, and access control systems, using just one domotic system.

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Case history: Came access control and video surveillance system for the Porsche Carrera Cup Italia

All five Italian circuits in the one-make championship are controlled by systems developed by Came, which allow efficient management of the flows of people within the hospitality area and boxes at the event.

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Interview with Andrea Menuzzo. Here’s how we overcome challenges at Came

Andrea Menuzzo, born in 1975, the young entrepreneur at the helm of Came since 2005, tells the story of the evolutions that have closely affected the company and its growth prospects. A highly challenging journey, of which Expo 2015 was only the...

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