RIO System: Came's new wireless system designed to bring safety to operators | CAME
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RIO System: Came's new wireless system designed to bring safety to operators

Came presents RIO System, the cutting-edge series of wireless devices providing safety to operators - requiring no hard wiring between the control unit and accessories, it talks to the control unit via radio.

The system is extremely quick and easy to install, as its wireless technology needs no digging, nor any masonry work, threading of cables connections.


  • Wireless solution without predispositions

  • The system is based on transceiver technology

  • Quick setup

  • Stand-by system that reduces wastage

  • Immediate solution to the retrofitting of existing plants


Control unit, photocells, sensitive safety-edge and LED flashing light are devices that are mutually compatible, and engineered to ensure total safety in compliance with current European Regulations.


RIO Control

A device that simultaneously controls and manages up to ten wireless accessories that have been programmed during installation. The radio range of 30 meters means the wireless system is flexible, as it allows installation even in special situations, such as, for example, operators with remotely fitted control panels. Featuring LEDs for constant monitoring of the system and a buzzer that activates in case of any accessory errors, RIO Control is extremely versatile and can be connected to the control panel of any brand or model. Before any gate opening or closing, RIO Control runs a self-diagnosis of all of the fitted safety devices and, through a dedicated feature, it monitors the radio signal quality and automatically changes working frequency.



A highly luminous wireless LED flashing light designed to provide maximum visibility and grab attention thanks to its asynchronous flashing pattern. Featuring double batteries, it ensures a high level of operational autonomy.





RIO Edge

Wireless module for integrating one or two resistive sensitive safety-edges of CAME's DFWN (8K2) series to the RIO wireless system. A quick cutting-edge solution to ensure the detection of any obstruction to either sliding or swing gates, and does away with any cable laying jobs. Featuring an LED to monitor the system and warn that any devices are working properly, RIO Edge is certified with a Category 2 validation in compliance with EN 954-1, which speaks volumes about its safety and reliability.


RIO Cell system

A pair of wireless photocells for operators with an IR range of 10 meters. Both the transmitter and receiver run on batteries, requiring no hard-wiring to the control unit.





RIO System can integrate with other automated systems that are already fitted with safety devices, such as, for example, photocells and flashing lights; the system's modularity allows you to integrate any wireless safety modules without compromising the operation of any pre-installed systems.

Lastly, RIO System is engineered to lower the consumption of power: when not being used, in fact, the system goes into stand-by mode to save the lithium battery life issued with the system. A sound signal activates well before to warn when the photocell batteries or those of the sensitive safety-edges are running low; in the case of RIO Lux, the battery flat warning happens when either an opening and closing command is given, by the flashing of a very user-friendly dedicated LED.


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