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The products of Expo Milano 2015


XVia is the latest-generation tripod turnstile designed specifically for Expo Milano 2015. An innovative way of managing and controlling transit which, thanks to a constant connection to the Ethernet, made it possible to guarantee maximum efficiency and security in entry management with real-time control of all system functions. The turnstiles were designed to make the access stage faster. Developed to be integrated into large-scale access control projects, XVia combines technological innovation and aesthetic research, for the management of high flows. Particular attention was paid to people with limited mobility, thanks to 20 Saloon turnstiles, specially dedicated to facilitating entry to disabled visitors.



G6EVO was the solution proposed by Came to guarantee maximum protection without sacrificing elegance: a bollard which, thanks to its innovative cladding system, enabled maximum customisation of the installation site and offered an effective response to the security standards required by an event with a high flow of people.




With expertise resulting from over 45 years of industry experience behind it, Came designed an integrated solution for the automation of sliding and swing gates for EXPO Milano 2015: tailor-made solutions, able to be integrated effectively in all major projects and guarantee maximum efficiency. BK and AXO operators guaranteed the daytime and night-time transit of more than 400 vehicles per day crossing the entrances to the exhibition site.



Gard barriers by Came responded to the need to implement an access control and management system, able to guarantee maximum security, as required by the particular type of event. Efficient and reliable, even during intensive use, the automatic barriers chosen for Expo Milano 2015 ensured speed and fluidity in vehicle transit.



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